Pyramid shaft type mandrel

Pyramid shaft type mandrel


 It is widely used in coilers for cold rolling lines such as RRM, Sendzimir rolling, and PL

· Good rigidity, suitable for high tension coiling;

· The segment can be equipped with axial or radial hydraulic gripper;

Pyramid shaft reels are divided into two types: forward cone type and reverse cone type according to the inclination direction of the inclined plane of the pyramid shaft. This kind of reel has simple structure, few parts, large main shaft section, high strength, and can withstand large tension. It can be coiled or uncoiled, with two structures of gripper or no gripper, mainly composed of pyramid shaft, segment, hollow sleeve, expansion and contraction cylinder etc.

At present, the most used pyramid shaft type reel is the inverted cone type. The expansion and contraction cylinder has a rod cavity to enter the oil, and the pyramid shaft is pulled backwards to move axially and push the segment to expand outward, so that the reel expands. The pyramid shaft moves axially in the opposite direction, and the T-shaped key of the pyramid shaft pulls the segment to retract back, thereby realizing the shrinking of the reel.

Main technical parameters:

Perfect circle Dia.:φ508,φ610,φ762

Max. coil width: 2600mm

Thickness of strip: 0.15~12.7mm

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